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What are coupon codes or promo codes or Voucher codes?
These are different terms but all are meant to fetch additional discounts for the online shopping customers. They consists of a alpha numeric code which on applying at the shopping website gives users extra discounts on top of already discounted prices of the products.
How do I use a discount coupon/code?
Please refer to our you tube video to learn how to find and apply the coupons. This video provides easy step by step instructions on finding the best coupons and to use & apply them on the shopping website.
Are coupon codes applicable to all products?
Coupon Codes are usually applicable on a wide range of product categories. However, it varies from store to store. Some stores allows coupons to be used on select categories whereas other allow it to use non discounted products only and not on the Deal Items. On various occasions special coupons are also available. These can be used site wide to avail a flat discount on the total shopping bill.
How many times can I use one code?
Usually, it depends on our store partner’s policy, but most of the coupons can be redeemed multiple times. However, only one coupon can be applied in a single transaction.
Can I share the coupons with my friends?
Yes – Feel free to share the coupons with your friends & family so they can also save money on online shopping!
How can I be updated on the offers and promotions?
We provide free coupons and deals to our registered users regularly via email. Register on our website by providing the email address and we’ll send the best coupons and deals to you. We are also posting coupons via social media (Facebook, Twitter or Google+), join us on facebook/Google or twitter get the coupons/offers to your social media accounts.
What kind of support do you offer?
We offer limited email support for questions related to our policy and terms and conditions. However, we cannot control the policies of our partners (stores) and it is better to read the policies and guidelines provided at our partner stores websites. Feel free to reach out to us by filling your details and queries using the Contact Form.

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