The Best Style Guide For College Boys

College Boys Style Guide

College is that point of life where we actually grow. We have a lot of things to see and a lot more to flaunt. There’s loads of stuff going all around and that’s the best aspect of living a college life. There are lots of events and activities where you could be invited and you need to be there. To make the most of it, you obviously need a perfect, stylish and up to date wardrobe to get you into these places as well as to represent yourself.

The first question just after we are invited is this is – What to wear? This is a common dilemma that we often stuck in. Let us have it here; you have multiple options that you could wear on a college event or in usual daily basis that follow.

Starting from Full sleeves t-shirt with dark colored pants, boots and it is all set, this is one look that you can have. Another one is a white-collar shirt with dark blue blazer, and dark brown pants along with a leather bag, this will give you a perfect business student look. Following these combinations and patterns will surely make your daily college outfits look good and respectable.

So here we are talking you through this easy step-by-step guide on what and how to get the best college look.


Good Looking T- Shirts

T- Shirts

Get yourself a plain white T- Shirt and if you are doing this way, make sure it fits well. The key to overall style statement is making sure that something that you picked for yourself fits you and is something that can only look good on you and no better match it better than you.

For this, shopping from a perfect online store would do the task, there are also multiple websites like Flipkart, Myntra , Ajio that are trend setter when it comes to Fashion and you can also use Ajio Coupon for making them cheaper for you. The white T-Shirt will always suit you make you look classy like whenever you are in the grounds, in the library or chit chatting with your friends.

Button Down Shirts


There is always a need of least two nice button down shirts. Black and White preferred. These shirts can always help you look fresh, neat and clean with minimal effort. In addition, it works on whether you are in a semi-formal college campus event, giving presentation, or you have a date with a girl, you will definitely need these shirts one time or another.



Jeans are a must for several obvious reasons; a good pair of jeans has become a necessity for a college guy. These should not be the one that are worn 4 days a week, 3 to 4 years in a row, rarely washed twice in a week, these needs to be solid pair of jeans, a good one that is cleaned enough to be worn at multiple places- heading out with friends, chilling in the bar, these should also be sporty and comfortable at both ends.

Shop some good quality pair of jeans and keep them for flaunting them on occasions, online shopping is a blessing of Internet, so explore the massive options and brands available on the website to choose the best in class jeans for you. With websites like Nnnow, Asos, Koovs and multiple discount options like Nnnow Coupon, you also have the opportunity to save your money on buying your favorite pair of jeans online.

A Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets

Talk for winters, a good quality bomber jacket is necessary in a guy’s wardrobe for a reason. Bombers have a perfect layer during the winter seasons and also work at its best in the cooler spring months when a light jacket is needed.  Having a simple and perfect bomber jacket can make any basic outfit to a perfect street style.

It gives a perfect casual look, make your jacket match with a casual dark chinos or casual trousers, and team it with a sweatshirt in dark colors to also keep it warm. Style it with a perfect and good looking Sneakers or Trainers to get the overall dapper look.


With some T-Shirts, bombers Jackets and some good casual wear, own some good accessories to add up with your clothes. These will definitely lead everything to perfection. All is needed is a good pair of watch, minimum two to wear them differently along with different outfits, these are one of the most suave accessory that adds maximum to ones overall personality.

Perfumes are other accessories that you should have in your wardrobe. Investing in a good brand will always make you feel proud to choose that one and hence, these are the Most Popular Top 8 Perfume Brands in India that you can buy and make your presence feel among the rest.

You can also match a good bracelet along with it to take the best of this combination. Get a tie and know how to tie, although this will not be needed on a regular basis however it is a plus when you plan to nail it with the suit.

Dark Formal / Dress Shoes

Formal Shoes

Formal shoes have their own unique identity along with their importance, Trainers and Sneakers are not for every occasion. Sometimes need to look more than a little smart and give yourself a decent and gentlemen’s dress game. Moreover, when there is such an occasion, you know what to wear and it turns out to be a formal dress up.  You will be happy to take this decision and made the investment in formal Brogues. You also have the option to wear them on fresh looking jeans and whenever you wish to mix your casual approach with a formal one.


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