Big Indian Fat Weddings – Are you Ready?

Is the sound of wedding bells electrifying your eardrums with the tones of enjoyment and zeal? Having butterflies in your stomach while planning for the big day? Then let me tell you my friends you have stumbled upon at the right place!

Indian weddings are a big affair. They are executed with months of planning and days of celebrations including various types of functions and rituals. It plays a crucial role in the lives of the bride and groom along with their families. So do you think that an affair like this is an easy task to do? If the answer is no, then you are among the 95% population agreeing to it. Everything which a relative or any invitee sees is done out with so much precision and weeks of planning and hard work. From dresses to jewellery, to choosing of correct wedding destination everything has to have an impact on the viewer.

So here are some tips and guides to shopping what from where this wedding season. And when you are done flaunting them don’t forget to boast about us too!


1. Apparels


The first thing which comes in mind of all the females is clothes. When the so-called “Rishta” is fixed, the very first thing which they think about is how they are going to buy so many things in such short span.

Well, no worries there my fellow shopaholics! Here are some wedding apparels sites where you can easily shop your heart out with so affordable prices which would definitely force you to buy that one extra dress fitted in your budget.


2. Footwear


Second things come second- the matching footwear for every outfit. Admit it you had that feeling of getting all those pumps and heels stocked up in your foot racks. But believe us do not spend much on them. Try shopping from places where you get buy 1 get 1 free option or maybe 3 pairs under INR 1000. Because these are the footwear pairs you won’t be wearing on daily basis. Get your footwear desires fulfilled with the shoes online offers from top brands available at Mycouponpromotion. There are various options for men too according to their choices.


3. Makeup


The next thing which comes in line with my girly friends is the makeup. Makeup has to be on point. Am I right girls? To make your impact and outshine others beauty is essential. If you think doing makeup through those local products are going to benefit you, then you are highly wrong. It would just cause your face some kind of allergy. Spend a bit more and get some branded makeup products which are going to last on your face for a longer time and make your face more alluring. Use Nykaa coupons to get these products online at a reduced MRP.


4. Bags & Accessories


A bag full of your essentials is a must to carry to the destination. These are the things which you might need and keeping a bag becomes handy. Another thing comes to mind is the heavy jewellery which everyone likes to wear. Go out for some sleek pieces of diamonds or gold either and flaunt them shamelessly!


5. Travel


If it is a destination wedding then the foremost thing which comes to mind is the travelling cost. The flight tickets and the hotel reservations calculate to be the most expensive thing in the whole budget. So why bear paying so much, book your accommodations and flight tickets at cheap prices.



Got enough tips how to save much on your wedding bills and still look jaw droopingly in every wedding function? If yes then go shop right away and if not then read the below articles to get some more inspiration.

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