8 Most Visited Top Overseas Holiday Destinations by Indian Tourists

thailand- popular tourist place for Indian

In this era of globalization, going from one end to the other of the globe for multiple purposes has become easy. Indians are also travelling to the various places of the world more often now. Some tourists travel for their work and some just for pleasure. However, some places are always their preferred choices rather than others. Some of the top overseas holiday destinations travelled by Indians in the recent few years are Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore along with Australia. Following is the detailed list of these places with their most famous attractions.

Singapore – Top Overseas Holiday Country in the List

singapore travel destination

For many Indians, Singapore is first world-experience in terms of flying away from the country. Singapore welcomes over 10 million visitors every year arriving for business and leisure purposes. The small beautiful country is convenient to travel as it takes around 5 hours to reach here by air from New Delhi. It has plenty to offer for its visitors, when it comes to culture, cuisine, architect, and natural sights. Indians feel like home visiting this country.Main tourist attractions of Singapore are:

  • Night Safari
  • Underwater world
  • Sentosa
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Bird Park
  • Peranakan Museum

Thailand – Popular Destination

Thailand Beaches

Thailand has always been a popular to tourist place among Indians for overseas holidays, especially for newly married couples as a honeymoon spot. Accommodations and freight charges are not much expensive to travel and stay in this country. Yoga Industry of Thailand is quite famous in the world. Apart from being a hot spot for adult entertainment, the place is a good shopping hub for Indians. For food lovers, Thai cuisine has some interesting dishes to offer.

Its capital Bangkok is known for its palaces, beaches, markets, temples and happening nightlife. Some most interested points to visit in Bangkok are Lumphini Park, Siam Paragon, Jim Thompson House, Grand Palace and temples like Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and Golden Buddha.

Pattaya is also immensely popular among visitors. Indians can get their flights booked to Thailand and other international destinations using the Flight Coupons for Makemytrip. These discount coupons help traveler get discount on flight booking and also on hotel booking both within and outside India.

UAE – Country in the Desert


Gulf States are some of the popular travelled places in the world. Dubai is becoming most preferred tourist hub in abroad for middle class as well as rich class Indians equally because of its convenience of travel and good business and work opportunities. Dubai is famous for its some of the tallest buildings, spectacular malls, lavish lifestyle, great infrastructure and amazing hospitality. Most attracted points of interest in Dubai are following:

Burj Khaleefa – It is the tallest artificial skyscraper in the world with 163 floors standing at a height of 2722 ft. Its main features are The Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa Park and Observation Deck.

Burj Al Arab–Designed in the structure of a sail of a ship, it is the third tallest hotel in the world.

Palm Islands – These are the islands on the coast of Dubai, structured in the shape of a palm tree. Islands are famous as leisure and entertainment centres.

Madinat Jumeirah–Resembling to a traditional Arabian town, it is a posh 5 star resort of Dubai. Comprising more than 40 restaurants and bars, it is a popular spot in Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park – It is a themed water park best for family outing offering grand amusement and some fun rides.

Ski Dubai – A part of the largely famous Malls of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is a popular resort among ski lovers.


Malaysia - Travel Destination No.5

It is among the favorite tourist spots for Indian visitors owing to its rich culture and great hospitality services. Pristine beaches, wild nightlife, modern architecture, national parks and rich cultural history naturally attract peopleto this place. Kulalampur is the famous city in Malaysia host millions of travellers across the globe. Popular tourist destinations in Malaysia are Petronas Towers, Bukit Bintang, Kek Lok Si, Batu Caves, Arts Museum, KLCC Park and Gunung Mulu National Park.

Hong Kong

Travel to Hong Kong

A former British colony, Hong Kong is another preferred top overseas holiday country and also a global financial and business hub for many people. Though it is densely crowded, still it is a vibrant and lively city looked as a viable shopping option and attractive family vacation spot. Hong Kong offers some visually stunning scenes as it has great towering buildings and crazy marine life. Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the main tourist attractions of this place. Along with, travelers frequently visit places like Lantau Island, Victoria Park, Ocean Park, Man Mo Temple, Po Lin Monastery.


Travel to USA

United States of America boast of some of the best cities of the world, visited not only by Indians but also by the millions of people across the world. All kinds of travelers come to the states from top overseas countries such as India, be them students, business folks, entrepreneurs or the pleasure seeker freaks. There are many tourist interests in different cities of the USA.

Cities famous for its tourism in USA are:

  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Washington D.C.

Most visited sites in the states include Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Walt Disney World, Golden Great Bridge, and Niagara Falls.

United Kingdom

UK Tourist Place

UK has been the most sought after travel destination among Indians for various purposes. Thousands of Indian students prefer world class universities situated here for their higher education away from home. London, the capital city, hosts around 14 million tourists annually.

Top visited places in the country are listed below.

  1. Windsor Castle
  2. Big Ben
  3. Tower of London
  4. British Museum
  5. London Eye
  6. Buckingham Palace
  7. Victoria and Albert Museum
  8. Palace of Westminster
  9. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Australia – Amazing Beaches & Nightlife

Top Overseas Holiday Destination - Australia

Australiais new favorite for Indians when it comes to tour a foreign destination for vacations.Vast Australian outback and many unique animal species have been attractions for tourists. Iconic Sydney Opera House is world famous for it’s out of the world architecture and performing arts. Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Port Jackson and Bondi Beach are other very popular tourist spots in Australia.

I Hope you enjoyed reading about the overseas countries and tourist places where Indian visits the most. If you are also planning to holiday abroad then this guide will serve as a good starting point. For planning travel inside India refer to Tripadvisor which has plenty of travel related information for Indian tourists.

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