Top Fun Activities & Things To Do In Bangalore

garuda mall bangalore


Bangalore is so much fun! Have you ever heard that from your friends or relatives? If yes, then let us tell you it is as true as the red colour of our blood. There is so much for everyone in this city. And what adds to the whole charm is the way local people treat you and accept you for what you are. Reaching Bangalore is no rocket science. Here are some options for best offers on flights and lodging.

So without further ado lets dig in deep inside the article and know what are some of the fun things to do in Bangalore along with some famous shopping destinations.

Top Adventure Activities

Qabalistic Quad Biking




Situated: Kanakpura

Rates: INR 350- INR 400

Enjoy the ATV quad biking thrill and get mesmerized by riding in the dirt.

Mesmerizing Micro Light Flying




Situated: Jakkur

Rates: INR 3500- INR 4000

Do you wish to fly your own plane? Then microlight flying is the best option for you. Although you get to fly with a trained pilot they do give you the controls for some time. Isn’t it great?

Perplexed Paintball Shooting




Situated: Kanakpura

Rates: INR 350-INR 500

Is shooting your passion, then paintball shooting is the place to polish your skills. This awesome adventure activity fills one with full of zeal.

Zeal Ziplining




Situated: Sajapur Road

Rates: INR 350- INR 450

Zip Lining is by far the best adventure after bungee jumping. Am I right? The breathtaking experience is what which you will remember for life.

Trash Trails




Situated: Not specific

Rates: Not specific

The trails would lead you in such a way where you’ll meet different kinds of people who revolve around the specific story or theme. It will also make you visit some places which you have never imagined that they existed.


Shopping Destinations- Flea Markets

Commercial Street


commercial street bangalore


It is one of the famous places in Bangalore to do local street shopping. There are various lanes in which you’ll probably get the cheapest stuff in the city. It is also famous for body piercing centres in the city.

Bridage Road



This place is a walking distance from Commercial Street and is too famous for cheap shoes, clothes and jewellery. Although this place is a bit expensive as compared to Commercial Street but the unique designs are what differs from others.

Sampige Road




Considered to be the heart of Malleswaram district has a 2 Km long road, where you’ll find a variety of shops selling different goods. From books to clothes, from silk sarees to handicrafts, everything is available here at cheap prices.

Popular Malls

UB City




It is considered to be the page 3 shopping areas of the city. You’ll find all the top brands here like Versace, Kimaya, Armani, Louis Vuitton, you name it and it is there. Besides this there are online discount options on fashion and shoes like Adidas coupons, and coupons for Reebok, Pume, Nike, etc.

Orion Mall


orion mall


With its own PVR cinemas and a different food area, this mall has a lot to offer. Besides the well-known brands, you’ll find a small flea market on the top floor of the mall.

Garuda Mall


garuda mall bangalore


Although in comparison it is nothing like the UB City, this mall has its own charm among the folks. With an eating area where all the specialities of the country and also of the world are served, there is nothing which would stop you having a little snack here.


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