Top 10 India’s Cheapest Yet Beautiful Travel Destinations

Everyone has a dream of having a break from regular life and enjoy travelling the most exotic places but sometimes the time and most importantly money doesn’t allow us. But it’s very important to find a place that’s in your budget and you can finish a tour within small time as everyone is busy with jobs.


Beautiful Travel Destinations India

Beautiful Travel Destinations in India


So here I am presenting some of the beautiful places solely dedicated to short cut travellers that one can easily fix a tour in tight budget without burning their pockets and taking break of only 2 or 3 days.


Starting with Ooty, It’s a Hill station situated in the Hills of Nilgiri, Tamilnadu. It is a very popular highland among tourists for its exotic beauty. Also the places one can visit from Ooty are Dodabetta Peak, Pykara Lake, Pine forest, Frog Hill Viewpoint, Wenlock downs. 2 to 3 days is usually a good timeframe to visit OOty. Look at Oyo room hotels in the city where one can get a standardized room at very economical rates.



The Southernmost district of India is situated in Tamil Nadu. It is famous for the sea and the Religious value. Also there are some forests, rivers, sea and historic places like The Padmanabhapuram Palace, Vattakottai Fort, Suchindram, Mathur Hanging Trough and more.



It can be said that Pondicherry is the most preferred holiday destinations in South India. It has unique mixture of modern heritage and spiritual culture. Also it’s a very good choice for people with tight on time schedules; one can visit on the weekdays. The beach and the French colonies are quite an attraction to tourists.


This North eastern Hill State is known for its scenic beauty and the deep forests containing a diverse number of animals. The capital of Meghalaya is Shilong called as ‘Scotland of the East’ for its beautiful similarity with Scotland.



Pronounced as Hardwar, This city is one of the most divine places in India for Hindu’s. It is in Uttarakhand. The main attraction of this place is Ganges River which flows through this city. Most of the devoted people come here to have bath in the banks of the holy river to get Moksha. Haridwar has many temples of various Hindu gods and goddesses. The top of the hill temple of Mansa Devi is very popular as she is considered to be the wish-fulfilling goddess. One can either walk up the hill or rent the cable car. The Maya Devi temple and the Chandi Devi temple on Neel Parvat are some of the other important temples.



The small city in Rajasthan also known as the Lake city and ‘Venice of the East’ is a famous place for north Indian tourists. Travel + Leisure have ranked Udaipur as world’s best city in 2009. It is mainly famous for its historical values, ancient Structures, Forts, Lake and the local arts. Hotel stay at economical prices can be booked via Oyo rooms which provides discounted hotel stays. Discount can be availed at Oyo using the coupon codes.



Again another Hill place from Tamil Nadu, It is known for its climate and beautiful scenery. Place to visit are Bryant Park, Bear Shola Falls, pine Forests, Guna caves, Dolphin’s Nose and Berijam Lake.



Also known as the Golden City of India, it is the centre for Culture and Spiritualism for Sikh Religion. The Golden Temple is one of the most favourite places for pilgrims.



One of the cheapest and most visited places is Puri, situated in Cuttack, and has been also a favourite destination for Hindu Religion. The Jagannath Temple is the main attraction of Puri, as it is one of the Char Dham (Four Most Holy places of India). The Sea is also quite fun. Then there are many sightseeing places like The PanchaTirtha, Gundicha Temple, Swargadwara, and Konark. Also A number of big events happens there which does have a large number of people’s interests like the RathaYatra and the Beach Festival. The Sand Arts and Handlooms are also very famous here.



A City on the banks of Ganges river, it is famous for its historical and spiritual values. The Holy city of Kasi is a top north Indian travel destination. There is a belief that Buddha founded Buddhism here.

This concludes out list of the top 10 beautiful places in India for budget tourists. We’ll continue to update this list when more good places come to our knowledge.


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