How to Plan a Great Vacation by just using the Internet

Plan a vaccation

How to plan a great vacation

Bored from busy life want some recreation, Want to spend holidays in a great place, but not sure how to plan? Well if you have Internet let it do the work for you .Unlike traditional travel planning using Internet to plan a tour can save a lots of time .So here I am going to explain about how you can plan and enjoy a great vacation by just using the internet.

Step 1: Where to go?

So many thoughts would be running over your head but you’re not sure. Don’t worry first think about the time you can spend then accordingly narrow down destination list and then find the place of your interest by watching the pictures and reading the experiences on the internet.

Step 2: Know the place.

Yes, as you are now settled with your destination try to research a bit about the place on Wikipedia. Make a note down of the renowned places to visit there and form a rough list about what you will be doing there means how you will travel and which places will you visit.

Step 3: Book the tickets

Now you all set, determined; let’s book the transportation tickets. First you think about the transport you want to take like Bus, Train, and Flight. Then go to some travel websites like MakeMyTrip or GoIbibo to buy tickets of your chosen transport .Those websites also provides full travel package including transport, hotel, fooding, and sightseeing. It is up to you what service you want to take or go by your own. If you are a first timer I would suggest getting one of those full package schemes.

Step 4: Book the Hotel

If you are going with your family it would be better if you book tickets earlier through online. There are some awesome websites and apps that do that, such as – Yatra, Cleartrip, and Musafir etc. Take a look at their provided web catalogues and images of hotel interior and exteriors, facilities and rates, and book what suits you best .On the other case if you are going with friends casually and don’t want to book hotels earlier , check some hotel names before going for having an idea about cost and the feel.

Step 5: All Done!!

 Now go have a great vacation!! Before that some security measures to remember while planning everything on internet:

I) Try to pay when you are booking, it’s very rare but sometimes due to a full packed seasons your booking can go cancelled if someone books on spot by paying more.

II) Always have the receipts of the booking and bills in printed documents in somewhere easily accessible and also have their digital copies in you smartphones if possible.

       III) Don’t buy tickets or hotels through any untrusted brokers.

IV) If you are buying tickets from renowned travel agency websites then allright otherwise always do a background check about the hotel you are booking because you don’t want to be ended up in a bad place with your family.


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