A Layman’s Guide to Online Shopping: Why to Move on to Online Shopping

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Its twenty first century, technology has evolved like never before and E Shopping has been one of great blessings of this evolution of technology.  Now a day most of the internet-savvy people have made the shopping more easily by moving into the Online Shopping Systems. If you are still having doubt for this movement or have been reluctant about being a frequent e shopper then please read through as here I am going to tell you why one can be fully confident to use this system and make most of it. This article also gives some suggestion about what you should do while online shopping and what you should avoid doing , which is also an cool “to do/not to do”  guide for normal e-shoppers as well as new people who are willing to start their marketing from online shopping portals.

What is Online Shopping?

It is an service provided by several organizations who provides an web based application where a seller can sell his/her products and one client can virtually check on those products and buys them with a free home delivery scheme ( most of the time ) and can pay through several methods such as net banking , debit card or cash on delivery .

Why to shop Online?

Well, there are so many reasons, like –

Shop from Home: When you get to do the hard work from home why to make your legs tired, you just need a proper internet connection to go to the shopping website and get started with your shopping.

Variety of products: There are thousands and lakhs of products on each category in an e-shop, as it is fully virtual marketplace where unlike normal single shops there’s hundreds of seller selling different kind of product. So you get to browse through literally numerous options to buy the one item that suits you most. One can buy baby products, medicines, book hotels, flights, latest fashion for men and women and million of other items.

Flexible Payment Method: After you have selected the items to buy you will be asked about payment process where there will be options like pay by debit card, credit card, through net banking and the most popular Cash on Delivery (COD). In this scheme you can pay the amount after receiving your package, so that there won’t be any tension of getting back previously paid money if you don’t get your items delivered.

Easy return Policy: Don’t like the product? It’s not of your Size? It’s not what you expected? Don’t worry!! Unlike traditional buy sell process where you have to go back to the shop in order to exchange or return the item, on the other hand if you buy an item from online you don’t have to do all that. You just have to request a return on the selling website; their own people will come and get the product from you.

Faster Refund: Also after you have returned the item you don’t have to take extra headache for the refund of your money, the sellers ensure that the customers are always happy by giving the cash back as soon as possible.

Exclusive offers: Where in your city malls or big shops they only provides sale or offers on special occasions in case of E-shopping portals everyday is a special occasion. They provide daily basis, budget offers and person specific offers giving the customers more power and control. Some of the top stores that offer exclusive offers are Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm Online Recharge and Amazon.

Check What Others Say: Just like before buying a new mobile we take feedbacks from our friends ,  While buying online we don’t need to take feedbacks from friends as the shopping site already has a built in feedback system including product ratings and reviews . People rates the items in terms of their satisfaction and also writes reviews about those so that other people can have a better idea about what they are going to get if they buy the item.

Share Your Views about a Item and recommend it to others:  You own a item think it’s really  cool people should use it or you think people shouldn’t buy the item as it doesn’t provides what it promises , you can write review about the item and rate it on the scale of 10 . That will help other fellow buyers to buy the right thing. Also you can share the Product to your friends through email, Face book, Twitter or other Social Networking sites.

Give Gifts:  Want to gift your dear one with a perfect surprise on a special day but you are not in the place, No problem!! Let the Shopping Site do the work for you. There’s a wonderful method of gifting items provided by most of the e-shopping portals. Just Fill in the details about the person you want to gift and the date and you go.

So those are some of the great features of Online shopping  , there’s more that you will come to know once you start shopping over internet.


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