What to Check Before Buying Medicines and Health Products Online

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Tips for Buying Medicines Online

Shopping everything online has become a trend among people. Medicines are also being bought on internet these days by a large number of customers as people can save their time and energy. Prices offered are also lower often on these online stores because these stores directly deal with the customers. There are plenty of online pharmacies selling medicines through internet. However, not all of these pharmacies are reliable and safe. As this issue is directly related to our health, we must check someimportant things before buying health products online.

Check the license and certification of the pharmacy

You must look for the pharmacies that are operating under the proper guidelines of the regulatory body of the country. Some websites seem to be legitimate but can be actually illegal. You must check about their license and approval for selling medicines online. Even if according to the website, pharmacy is certified you should confirm on your own. Top certified online pharmacies operating in India are 1Mg, Netmeds and Healthkart.

Aware about the fake drugs

Many sites sell fake drugs, which looked like the real medicines, but can be dangerous for your health if consumed. These medicines might have the dangerous ingredients or may have the improper amount of the active ingredients.

Know about the supplying source of drugs for the pharmacy

You should be aware about the source through which pharmacy is getting its medicines. In order to check its credentials you can thoroughly search the website and get the required detailed information.

Selling drugs without a prescription

You must not purchase medicines from those online stores that sell prescribed medicines without a prescription from a doctor. Some websites offer to prescribe medicines without consulting a doctor. You must avoid shopping from these sites.

Quick resolutions to queries

When buying medicines online, make sure that the website has its contact information listed and a licensed pharmacist can answer your queries if required.

Protection of your personal information

You also need to check the security and privacy policy of the website. It might not be able to protect your private information.

Appearance of medicines

In case you are refilling your prescribed medicines then you must consider the physical appearance of your medicine such as color, shape, size and packaging. You can also check the taste and smell of your medicine and consult your doctor if anything looks different. You can consider things about medicines such as:

• Physical appearance like size, color and texture
• Smell and taste of the medicine
• Date of manufacturing and expiry
• Correct labeling and shipping
• Manufactured under approved standards

Availability of Discount from Coupon Websites

Coupon websites like MyCouponPromotion offers upto 25% additional discount coupons for healthcare products and medicine products. See what offers are running on a given day by visiting Netmeds coupons and 1Mg coupons stores.

Various facilities of the website

Some online drug stores have quality assurance process and inform you about the side effects of the drugs, if there is any attached with the medicines. You can also check the delivery process, discounts offered and payment alternatives available on the site.

These are the main important points to remember while you shop medicines online always. Hope it helps.

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