Popular Smartphone Mobile Brands In India

Smart phones are not a luxury anymore but a necessity. The recent changes in the online world have made an immense impact of the lives of the folks. With finding everyone on Facebook to talking to people or having a video chat on WhatsApp, the invention of mobiles and their huge usage has made this world a small place to live in. Not only it’s easy to talk to people living far away but also buying products and booking things and facilities very cheap and accessible. You can also easily shop online for your Smartphones, Apparels, Footwear, Electronics, Groceries and book tickets for Flights, Bus, Hotels and much more.


Key Mobile Features to Look When Buying a Smartphone

  • Processor – Min. 1 Gigahertz
  • Internal memory and expandable memory- Minimum 16 GB
  • Operating system – Android or IOS
  • Screen size and resolution – QLED
  • Camera – Min. 8 MP
  • RAM – Minimum 2 GB

For more features refer the list of checks before buying a mobile.


So in this article we are going to share some of the top and notable brands available which are best if you are shopping for a mobile phone. These phones are available at various online smartphone shopping sites. What makes them on to the top is the facilities & services which they render and the way they function and please the buyer. Thus here the list goes for some top brands for mobiles in India.

1. Samsung


When talking about phones, Samsung has to be in the list. With a wide array of phones it can cater to everyone’s demand and choices. If you want a descent mobile with all the facilities in it, Samsung mobiles are the best to choose which also fit into your budget. Choose from J7 series or the S7 series according to your choice of colour available.

Pros- Price, colour choices, screen size

Cons- Cameras, memory

2. OnePlus


Another brand which is making headlines is OnePlus. People who have chosen to use this phone are so happy with its sleek body and the functions. The best thing to look out for is the camera and picture quality, which is commendable. The company comes up with affordable range of phones which fits into the budget of everybody. They are the first ones for launching 6 GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 in smartphones.

Pros- Picture quality, great resolution, RAM, expandable memory, camera, sleek body

Cons- Slightly High Price

3. Oppo


Climbing its way up to the top, this company has done huge improvements to its wide range of products. The major factor which attracts customers to buy its phones is the dual camera mode. Although it has a main market share in China, but with its aggressive marketing strategies it is continuing to grow its roots in India.

Pros- Camera, Resolution

Cons- Price, operating system

4. HTC


HTC mobiles are popular in the market due to its power battery. With the battery there are good features in it is the RAM and the design of the phone. Although the phones are bit expensive, but hey wants the issue in it, the services are really good.

Pros- RAM, designs, Camera, sound quality

Cons- Expensive

5. Xiaomi

This Chinese based brand has now dominated the Indian mobile market. With a great comeback in the Indian markets in the year 2016 has over lakhs of people been its customers providing various models of phones. You might find some heating issues with the phones but want will blow your mind is the perfect picture quality.

Pros- Camera, price, resolution

Cons- Over heating

Are you convinced with the reasons and things we told you about various brands famous for selling mobile phones. So choose a particular model for yourself which comes under your budget and does not burns a hole in your pocket and don’t forget to check out the various mobile sale offers available here.


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