How to Buy a Nice Pair of Headphone


When Music matters a lot to you, you should not sacrifice anything while buying a headphone. But most of us do not know how to pick up a great headphone, knowing fully well that a quality headphone can lead you to a whole another level of listening songs. One must not for a pair for ears just for its awesome look or superb Bass, there are more of those constraints to check out for while buying a headphone.  Today I am going to discuss about some of the characteristics you must check for in a headphone before grabbing one.


Price: First of all you should decide your budget before even thinking about any other things. One thing I should let you know that in terms of sound, Price is inversely proportional to quality that means you should pay for quality. Normally any budget more than 450 Rupees would be acceptable for good casual music headphones. If you are serious music listener then i would advise you to go for a bigger budget like around 3k. Use Amazon promo codes to get a discount on the headphones if you are purchasing it online from Amazon.

Form Factor:After you have cleared your budget, you must think about the type of headphones i. e.  The form factors.  There are a couple of form factors available such as Over the ear, In the ear, On the ear, Canal phone, Over the head etc. You may have some earlier experience about your likingness to any of those types, according to that you should go.  If you don’t have previous experience then I Will suggest you to have a in the ear earphones for better listening in phones and handheld devices using mostly outside and if you’re interested in hearing sounds in home or indoor basis Over the head would be perfect choice.

Brand:There are some excellent headphone manufacturing brands out there that provides the best sound tools then again on point to remember is to get good quality you have to pay for it.  Don’t go for the Lower range earphones of those elite brands as most of the time this products are just for the sake of having presence in lower market and no extra concentration is given towards sound quality.  If you are confident about your budget go for the biggest sound brands like Bose, JBL, and Sony.  Otherwise if you are tight on budget go for mid ranged good Brands like Skull candy, Philips, Cowen, Creative.

Compatibility: Before buying a piece of your chosen earpiece you must know about whether it is compatible with your device or not. You can check it in its details written on the packet or you can ask the seller or manufacturer customer representative by simply calling or emailing them.

Connection: Some people prefer headphones with no wire to worry about at the same time some people tries wired headphones to utilize the 3.5 port on their devices and to reduce the price as well. Price of wireless headphones are higher than normal ones as they runs on Bluetooth technology and comes with own power source ( battery)  doesn’t use the power of phone or the device music is going on. Wireless is also a great choice for multi-taskers.

Noise Isolation: A good headphone is what produces good sound and a great headphone is which isolates the exterior sounds perfectly and produces a good sound. Although there aren’t many headphones having this feature, there are some which uses this feature with ease and creates an excellent sound environment for your ears.

Impedance: It denotes the amount of power a headphone takes while in usage.  High Impedance earphones take more power, limiting themselves to a small number of devices. Whereas low impedance devices are supposed to be supported by all music devices, phones also they are sustainable to power fluctuations.

Durability:From checking the body, you can identify how strong the piece of earphones is. A headphone with well-made body and thick tough cable is a long lasting one.

Sound:The last and the most important thing is Sound quality of the headphone. It’s the sole purpose of your purchase so you better check it very consciously and make sure it is the right one for you and also comfortable to your ears.

Warranty: If you are buying a well branded product then the default provided period of warranty is enough.  No need to register for an extra time of warranty. However if you are looking for extra period of warranty then go for it. For selected mobiles and accessories Snapdeal offers extended warranty at a nominal price.

So these were some tips to follow before buying a pair of headphone. Also do check for reviews from buyers about the products and make sure to ask all details about the item.

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