What to Check Before Buying Mobile Phone


It’s an Era of Smartphone from students to professional all kind of people prefer the multitasking devices to traditional mobiles. Earlier phones are meant to be for only calling and sending messages purpose, but now the myth is out-dated as people wants to do more with their Cell phones other than just dialling numbers or receiving calls. Smartphone are becoming more than just a device to a person as it provides a wide range of services like Email, Internet Surfing, Listening to music , watching movies or videos , reading books , creating documents and spread sheets , Gaming , Video calling etc.  So as a multiple smartphone user I am going to discuss about some of the basic things you should check before buying a smartphone. Always remember searching for latest offers at Paytm, Ebay, Shopclues or Amazon which can help in getting a great price for the mobile phone.

Brand: As the proverb says – “The product is as good as the Brand “, it is not right every time but most of the time it’s correct. The Brand Value is something that makes the product reliable. Because manufacturers with big brand values wouldn’t try to make their clients dissatisfied with a faulty product. The most reliable smartphone producing brands are – Apple, Samsung, LG, Micromax, Microsoft, and Xiaomi. Other than Xiaomi all other brands are usually available at Paytm and Shopclues. For discounts on mobile, check the Shopclues coupon at MyCouponPromotion for discount of upto 9% on electronics products.

Operating System: Do a little research on internet or among people around you to know which operating system will be right for you as the user experience will be varying on the OS. A bad choice of Operating system can lead you to dissatisfactory experience. The most common OS‘s available in market are IOS, Android, Windows and Bada. Among those Bada is majorly obsolete. Android is the most used OS among young generation , IOS is suitable for serious users with money and Windows phones are totally professional person oriented. However the choice of OS also depends upon one’s personal interests.

Processor:  The brain of any smartphone, its processor, it performs all the tasks and maintains phone’s features. Stronger the processor is more fast the phone.  So many companies’ make processors now a day. Personally I would recommend for Snap Dragon and Intel Processor enabled phones as their state of the art technology and chip design enables them to do fastest processing without crashing the system or heating phones immensely like other cheap processors.

Camera : Now a day’s people doesn’t buy a digital camera for picking casual photos rather they go for a phone with great camera and also there’s a new trend of selfies which makes the camera an essential part of your phone. So while going for the camera details don’t focus on the Mega Pixel only as it may be showed by the manufacturer as a standard but it’s not only one . You should look for the camera resolution, ISO, Focus (whether it provides manual focussing too), HD video recording, Low Light performance (BSI Sensor), HDR, panorama, Face detection, Zooming capability and also the megapixel. There is also information provided about the manufacturer about the lens, which company has made it. For example – Some phones specifies that the camera lens is Sony Exmor or Carl zeiss one. Those are the best of the world, therefore also see if there’s such information.

Display: The Display is a key factor while considering a phone for buying. The user experience is as good as the display is. The dimension of the display (  like 11.9 cms (4.7)  ) says how big it is , in my experience take a medium sized device so that that it does not feel the display is very small or very big in your hands and also makes it comfortable for watching videos , movies. 5 inch display seems perfect one. Also check the ppi (pixel density, the more the better), resolution, whether it’s HD. If there is preinstalled protection by corning gorilla glass or dragonfly glass then that would be extra advantage.

Design:  The design of the mobile’s body makes sure that it feels alright in your hands. The form factors such as curvy corners or slick edges or rounded edges, material that the body made of (plastic, metal or fiber). Then the style of back cover (simple, textured or Mattel sprayed) also matters as it adds extra feel to your palm. Also there are features like resistance against fingerprint or water.

Connectivity:  What connectivity technologies does the device support?  Like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G are the must have ones. Plus if there’s 4G enabled then its added advantage. Some devices also provide most advanced technology like NFC where you can transfer files to other devices just by a single touch with the other phone.

Well that’s it! Those are the major conditions one must check before buying their smartphone.  Happy Shopping!

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