Best Automatic Washing Machines Brands in India


Washing machines have always been a necessity in a house. Remember those days when people used to wash clothes by their own hands? If you do, then you surely know how much work hard, energy and time-consuming that act used to take. But with the advancement in technology in the recent time, the demand for automatic washing machines have grown tremendously.

Are you planning on buying a new washing machine? And if the answer happens to be YES then here are some of the topmost automatic washing machine brands in India popular among the folks for their quality and services. Also, don’t forget to check out our washing machines offers to get a slack down in the actual prices.


Specifications for Automatic Washing Machines

  1. Look for fully automatic machines
  2. Check the loading capacity whether it is front or top
  3. Washing capacity at one go
  4. Product should be durable and long lasting
  5. Consumes less energy
  6. Small holes for better fabric quality
  7. Check for fuzzy logic controls



On to the pinnacle of selling washing machines in the Indian markets and also in our list of top TV brands, LG has secured its place at the first position. With the latest cutting-edge technology and unique designs and colours, it has wooed the heart of every Indian. The products include of top loading, front loading, washing dyers, wrinkle prevention, timers and more.

Pros: Latest technology, design and colours, timers

Cons: Expensive


The Whirlpool Sensation Elite is the 4th top most washing machines in the category and works on a 1-2-1-2 model. The various functions which the machine support’s is pre-soak clothes, normal wash, hot water wash, delicate wash and more.

Pros: Delicate wash, great model, affordable

Cons: Electricity consumption



The company makes sure that they leave no stone unturned to make their customers happy. With maximum dominating power in the Indian electronics market, it has achieved to a very significant stage. There are various models available with a special feature of very small holes in the drum. This ensures that no clothes come out while washing.

Pros: Quality, versatile, price, less noise

Cons: Few design oversight


With the first washing machine to have tilt drum service, it is the unbeatable product in the market. Having Videocon K 5001 FL ranking at the 5th position it has items for top load, semi-automatic and front loading. There’s also a fuzzy logic with the variable spin selection.

Pros: Reliable, affordable, Variable spin selection

Cons: Limited capacity


Expanded as the India Fine Blanks, uses the German technology with Aqua Energy. What attracts the customers is the consumption of less water and electricity. Also, it makes the minimum amount of noise while working and has some smart sensors to finds out if there are imbalances.

Pros: Reliable, less noise

Cons: No major drawbacks

Hope we were very much on point and convinced you to buy accordingly from the brands available in the market. Also don’t forget to share the article, for others to add more to their persisting amount of knowledge.


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