Top 7 Best Power Banks Brands Available Online


Mobile phones have become a lifeline to most of us. But what if the battery dies? Is there any alternative to constantly keep our phones active without the battery been dying off? Well, there is! The great invention of power banks to the humankind. These power banks are easy to handle and have a capacity of charging your phones for almost more than 2 times. What comes in handy is there sleek design and expert charging manner. Use the Flipkart sale discounts to get them cheap prices online.

Specifications to look into a power bank

  1. Check for mAh power capacity of your phone
  2. Look out to the cells like whether they are Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer (Li-ion are more cheap and easily available whereas Li-poly is bit expensive with better charging density)
  3. Go with the more durable one
  4. Check for the charging duration

So here some of the top brands for power banks in India.

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Top Powerbank Brands Available Online

1. Ambrane

The power banks by Ambrane are so small that they can easily fit into your pockets. Along with sleek design, it has a good battery capacity. It is good to charge both phones and shoot cameras. What makes it more appealing is the simple use and stylish look. But the only disadvantage of Ambrane power banks is their durability which is very low.

Pros- Better capacity power, Simple use, Stylish look-wise, Sleek design, charge shoot cameras available

Cons- Not durable

2. MI


MI power bank


With the maximum share of Xiaomi, the Chinese brand in the Indian market the company aims to provide better technological advanced products at affordable prices. The products come with a fine metal case and a fully charged battery. Buy according to your needs and budget from the various items they have to offer.

Pros- Budget-friendly, Good charging capacity, Durable

Cons- Less battery life

3. Corseca


Corseca power bank


If you are planning on to buying a power bank with a big capacity charger then Corseca power banks are the stop. The products are durable because of its metal casing. Some of the products are not light and many times become difficult to carry and handle. Also, there is a digital LED display in many of its items which showcase the actual percentage of battery remaining.

Pros- Better durability, Great capacity charger, LED display light

Cons- Heavy and difficult to carry</ p>

Other Popular Powerbank Brands

4. Honor

As the name says the power banks of Honor are really good in the market. With dust resistant technology and single piece bracket to ensure safety while you charge your phone, it is a hot product to buy. It comes with a metal casing which is sweat proof and thus does not corrode.

Pros- Dust resistant technology, Safety tools, Metal casing, Sweat proof

Cons- Expensive

5. Lenovo


lenovo power bank


The power banks provided by Lenovo are so durable and long lasting. Many of them some with a sleek texture and almost 500 recharge life cycles and want lures the attraction of the buyers is two USB ports which can charge two devices at once. The only drawback in the devices is there slow charging which takes a lot of time.

Pros- Two USB ports, Sleek design, Durable, Long rechargeable cycle

Cons- Slow charging

6. Intex

With budget-friendly smartphones in the market, it has launched a great variety of power banks also. The items come in colours like black and white. Find some good discounts on Intex power banks here. Most of the power banks have 3 ports for charging which makes it different from the rest of the slot.

Pros- Budget-friendly, 3 ports for charging

Cons- Less durable

7. Syska


syska power bank


With a pocket soothing range of products, the Syska power banks are much in use now. Although the prices are quite cheap with great in-built technology, but the power bank is not suitable for those long trips. With its items to be small and light in weight the only problem which arises is its battery capacity.

Pros- Cheap price, Great technology, Light weight

Cons- Batter capacity

Got enough information, go on and find the best fit for yourself. And don’t forget to share the article with your family and friends!


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