Best Power Bank: 5 Essential Features to Consider Before Buying

Best Power Bank

Because of technology revolution in last 2 decades, India has witnessed phenomenal growth in the usage and sale of electronic gadgets. Mobiles have turned into a necessity more than a facility for people now. Evolution of smartphones and easy accessibility of internet has added new dimensions in this advancement. For a better connectivity, your devices should be well charged all the time. You cannot afford your phones and other gadgets to run out of the battery in this demanding world. To keep your phones and tablets recharged 24 hours, keeping a best power bank has become mandatory.

Power bank or external battery pack is a portable charger for your mobiles. It supplies power from in-built batteries through USB ports. It is pretty useful in today’s times. With this extra battery, you can uninterruptedly surf internet, use social media, send emails, and watch movies without worrying about battery.

Nowadays, these products are available in different budgets & quality from several brands like Ambrane, Lenovo, Samsung, Intex and Mi and on different websites. But the question is how to buy a best power bank. In this article, you will get important tips to buy best power bank online. Check some of the best Power banks Coupons available online. Consider the following 5 points before buying these portable chargers.

  1. Capacity:

Capacity of a power bank, measured in mAh (milli ampere hour), is the very basic and important aspect to look out for. First, check the capacity of your smartphone and accordingly choose the powerbank with appropriate mAh capacity. You must purchase one which has a larger capacity than that of your device.

For example, Apple I phone 6 comes with an 1810mAh battery, so you should always pick a powerbank with more than 2500mAh. Then again, for a Samsung Galaxy S4 (2600mAh), you need a 3000mAh or larger battery pack to full charge your phone at least once. One can always select higher strength, to charge his devices multiple times.

Usually, a good battery packs have an efficiency rate of 70 to 80 percent. In market, from 2000 to 20000mAh power banks are available.

  1. Input and output current rating:

Measured in Ampere, input current rating is the maximum amount of current drawn by a powerbank while charging it. It is a significant point to consider as the time taken by a power bank in getting charged depends on input current rating.

Output current or current draw tells how well your power bank can charge your devices. If your gadget can draw Upto 1.5A then you should use a model with more than 1.5A output port. People should check this thing as well while purchasing battery pack for their tablets, android mobiles and i-pads, etc.

Nowadays, there are many cutting-edge power banks available, which can identify and adjust amperes according to the gadgets. These kinds of power banks help in getting your mobiles charged faster and only push the amount of current your device can take. Check this feature and buy one now from the ongoing Flipkart Sale and get the best power bank delivered right at your doorstep.

  1. Types of cells:

It is also an important attribute to check while buying these products online. Mainly 2 types of cells are used, Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer. Li-poly cells may be costly but can provide 2 times the charge density per unit weight. Li-ion cells are available easily and less expensive than Li-poly cells.

  1. Number of USB ports:

You can also check the number of USB ports if you have multiple devices. With more ports you can charge more gadgets. But more ports also increase the cost of the Power bank. Those users who constantly use smartphone, i-pad, i-pod, may require more than 1 port.

  1. Brand:

Always choose a reliable brand if you want to purchase a best power bank. Quality of the model you buy can affect the performance of your device as well as the lifespan of its battery. Do not just go by the numbers or costs, research well and then select a model as per the requirements from a trustworthy brand.

Apart from these 5 things, consider the following points to buy a best power bank


  • Check if charging and discharging is possible at the same time.
  • Take care of the safety features of the power bank. Check if it has over charge protection (OCP), over voltage protection (OVP), over temperature protection (OTP), etc., and other safety measures.
  • You can also consider the warranty period of the model.

Hence, get rid of annoying battery dying problems at the situations when you require your device the most. Do not lose access to internet, social media just because of lack of enough battery in your device when you are working on something important. Stay connected with your family and friends while you travel with the best power bank in your pocket. No more ‘low battery’ message on your phone screens to irritate you. Choose the best power bank for yourself from the ones available at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay and many other e-shopping websites. Get them at reasonable prices using Amazon promo code and remember the above points while shopping.


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