Best Air Conditioner Brands In India

With changing weather conditions and a lot of heating issues, usage of air conditioners has grown immensely. While searching for the best air conditioner brands there are various things and specifications which a consumer wants to know about the product like the price, cooling effect, warranty and the one which fits into their budget.

Although there are many companies in the market selling ACs in various shapes and sizes but here are some of the top brands for air conditioners in India. So look deep and read hard and know all about your product before you go buy it. Also, you can choose from plethora of  air conditioners offers during sale periods to help you save on your bills.

Features to Check in a Best Air Conditioner Brands


1.      Cooling capacity (should be according to your requirements or area specific)
2.      Phase requirements (single for commercial uses and three phase for industrial use)
3.      It is weather resistant and can be places outside the home
4.      Explosion proof (should not be affected by the nearby vapours and gases)
5.      Should have good condense evaporator
6.      Work according to your operating voltage
7.      Remote should have LED backlight to easily operate it in the night time
8.      AC LED display should be clearly visible during the night time to check temperature.


1. LG


LG dominates the Indian market with its electronic products. The air conditioners provided are very good and reliable. The cooling technique and the performance are what lure the people.

Pros– Reliable, good cooling capacity, weather resistant, explosion proof

Cons- Expensive


2. Samsung

This South Korean company Samsung is spreading its wings in a different arena in the Indian market to dominate other brands in the market. The air conditioners provided by Samsung are quite reliable which comes under the budget of a middle-class person.

Pros– Cheap, Reliable

Cons– Cooling capacity


3. Daikin


This Japanese company has now been operating for a century now has made a huge progress in the field of air conditioners in India. What attracts the customers is the high-quality product provided at such cheap prices.

Pros– Good cooling capacity, High- quality products with weather resistant technology, Not expensive

Cons– Not reliable


4. Carrier


The ACs of the company is known for its ventilation and cooling effects with its products coming in unique and great design. There are various types to choose from central to split air conditioners along with affordable prices.

Pros– Cheap price, Great ventilation, good cooling effect, easy to install

Cons– Comes with less warranty


5. Blue Star

Considered to be one of the oldest consumer electronics companies in the country has proved to be exceptionally good. The cooling system and the price range have made its ACs to be one of the best and most selling among the folks.

Pros– Cooling technique, affordable, auto cleaning of room

Cons– Energy inefficient

Quick Tip: Do read all the specifications carefully before buying the product also see to that it provides various other external items.

Got enough inspiration, so what are you waiting for go buy right away one of the best air conditioner brands and enjoy the cooling and breezing effect of your AC’s in that sweaty summer days.


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