• College Boys Style Guide

    The Best Style Guide For College Boys


    College is that point of life where we actually grow. We have a lot of things to see and a lot more to flaunt. There’s loads of stuff going all around and that’s the best aspect of living a college life. There are lots of events and activities where you could be invited and you need to be there. To […]

  • Kids shopping online

    Where To Do Kids Shopping Online?


    Myntra In the early stage of a baby’s growth cycle, proper attention and carefulness is required by the parents. However, in a time of hectic lifestyles and nuclear families, many times it is not easy to get the time to find appropriate products for the kids. Understanding this anxiety of modern parents, Myntra offers 1-click […]

  • Most Popular Jeans Brands

    7 Most Popular Jeans Brands in India Among Youth


    Fashion is what trends in the society. Indian buyers have always been keen to follow the latest trends in the market. In the time of globalization, shoppers demand the newest fashion and top brands from around the world. With a large upswing in online shopping in India, getting the premium brands has become much simpler […]

  • types of shoes

    5 Types of Shoes Every Man Should Have In His Closet


    When it comes to styling for men, sans a pair of classy shoes everything looks incomplete. We all know how important it is to have appropriate matching footwear to our clothing, suitable to the occasion. Be it your first romantic appointment or interview for a job or even a social gathering, the type of shoes […]

  • Big Indian Fat Weddings – Are you Ready?


    Is the sound of wedding bells electrifying your eardrums with the tones of enjoyment and zeal? Having butterflies in your stomach while planning for the big day? Then let me tell you my friends you have stumbled upon at the right place! Indian weddings are a big affair. They are executed with months of planning […]

  • Have you tried these 5 emerging fashion websites yet?


        Fashion signifies the novelty set, followed and promoted by human beings through their attires and mannerism. The yearning to look fashionable and unique from others has been on the rise among Indian consumers in recent years by dint of easy accessibility to runway styles across borders. Consequently, fashion websites have a large share […]

  • Online Jewellery Shopping Sites

    Top 5 Online Jewellery Websites in India


      In India, jewellery shopping is associated with various beliefs, customs and traditions. People purchase gold and other precious jewels for different reasons. Currently, India’s online jewellery market is over $200 billion and likely to expand an average rate of 65-70% per year. Gold adornments are the all-time favorite among Indian buyers with around 75% […]

  • Heels Thumbnail

    Tips to Buy Fashion Items for Girls


    It is always a difficult task to decide what to buy to look fashionable and trendy. Specially, when it comes to choose fashion accessories for girls, the problem gets bigger. To help you fix this problem, we provide you a complete guide to get you a makeover and make you look different among your friends […]

  • Baby Dress Up Ideas For Cute Looks


    Babies are the cutest creature god has ever made. No matter they wear and whatsoever they do, they simply look adorable. But nowadays no baby is less than a fashionara. From the moment baby is born with a gifted first cry, parents specifically take care of how their baby is looking. There dresses also vary […]

  • Evergreen Fashion Trends for Men


      People who think fashion is a girl’s thing seems mistaken with the upcoming fashion line of trends for men. Every minute part is fashioned like for say hairs. The normal braided hairs to new fashion of haircuts, hair styles, hair colors on have wisely depicted the upcoming fashion trends for men. Splash of some […]



      Men are regular visitors of beauty salon these days on par with that of women. With unisex salon all over cities, men do not need to worry about their outlooks. Women and men almost have same types of services from facial, hair massage and spa, pedicure and manicure etc except few which are specially […]



    A raised eyebrow and a look at me attitude, is all what palazzo gives a women. With palazzo pants doing the rounds these days, this fad has been listed one of the top casual and college wear among young women. Palazzos are racked top among apparels in showrooms these days and it has been a […]