• Buy Best High Performance Refurbished Laptops At 2GUD


    While everyone is using laptops for their work, passion and entertainment purposes, the companies are now focused towards making high performance laptops which could ease the user in doing tasks. With processors ranging from i3, i5 to i7, people have plenty of options to choose from. What would happen if we choose to buy a […]

  • Buy Best Refurbished Smart Watches Under 4K At 2GUD


    Along with the trends of the smart phones these days, people desires for good smart watches as well, these do have plenty of high tech features and appearances. With wide range of color options on the exterior as well as on the interior, everyone desires to have one. But, these not always comes under easy […]

  • Mobile Prices at 2gud

    4GB Ram Motorola Mobile At Rs9K on 2GUD


    While every mobile manufacturer is focusing on launching the most expensive mobile phones, the increasing prices of the mobile phones are also in favor of the increase in refurbished mobiles. It is an advantage for the customers as well to get an already used mobile phone in appropriate condition from a trusted seller. Gone are […]

  • College Boys Style Guide

    The Best Style Guide For College Boys


    College is that point of life where we actually grow. We have a lot of things to see and a lot more to flaunt. There’s loads of stuff going all around and that’s the best aspect of living a college life. There are lots of events and activities where you could be invited and you need to be there. To […]

  • Rakhi GIft Ideas

    Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Gifts Ideas For Sisters


    The festival of Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is a symbol of the strong relations between a brother and sister. It is the day when sisters tie rakhi, a sacred thread to their brothers and praying for their well being and love. In return brothers promises for everlasting protection, love. The day of Raksha Bandhan is bliss […]

  • Home Furniture Rent Websites

    Top 5 Home Furniture Rent Websites In India


    Furniture is considered to be an integral part of any house. Getting furniture on rent is a great option. There are times when we keep on shopping for new pieces and replacing them with the old ones. But don’t you think that constant buying of these items drain a much larger part of our money? […]

  • Simple tips to boost your health

    Try These 5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Health Today


    “Health is Wealth”. Probably, all of us have been hearing this sentence since we were in class 4 or may be 5. However, in order to maintain and increase the wealth in our bank accounts all the time, we almost forget the significance of this phrase. Moreover, there are numerous new disorders and diseases which […]

  • Summer Styles-6 Makeup & Beauty Hacks To Follow


    As the mercury level reaching to 40 degree Celsius and higher, women’s major concern is to maintain their makeup at place. In the blistering days of summer, fear of makeup meltdown teases women big time. Apart from the hotness and sweat, oil produced from skin also plays a critical role to ruin your beauty these […]

  • Send Gift & Flower Across The Globe

    How To Send Gift & Flower Across The Globe


    Archies Archies is a well-known name for providing terrific gifting options for all purposes. Specially, in the greeting cards section it is the first choice of people. Cards for every occasion like Birthdays, Diwali, Holi, Rakhi, Friendship day, Mother’s day, Daughter’s day, etc., are available there in new and attractive designs. Having around 225 exclusive […]

  • Most Popular Top 8 Perfume Brands In India


    Everybody likes to smell nice. A sweet aroma not only makes you feel good but also leaves a good impression on people around you. Some television commercials of leading companies have shown the impact of perfumes on a larger scale, though many people find few of them quite weird. However, many international brands are very […]

  • Top Tourists’ Destination in India

    5 Top Tourists’ Destination In India


    India has always been one of the most fascinating countries for the tourists around the globe. It is because of several reasons like the rich and ancient cultural history, demographic diversity and plentiful of attractive destinations. In 2015, around 8.03 million foreign tourists arrived in India. Ever expanding tourism industry in India, contribute around 6.3% […]

  • Best anniversary gift ideas

    Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples


    Selecting an appropriate gift according to the situation is not an easy task often. When it comes to choose gifts for a couple for their wedding anniversary, there are a lot of options to consider. However, many times a common gift is adequate for the couple while sometimes it is better to get separate items […]

  • People Shop The Most

    Do You Know What People Shop The Most Online In India?


    Accelerating growth at a high rate, e-commerce industry has changed the perspective of marketers looking at it. Merchants like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon etc. have been the significant platforms in driving this change in a large number. Thousands of products are being offered on these online marketplaces in multiple categories. Some categories have also become […]

  • Best Online Site To Recharge Mobiles

    Best Online Sites To Recharge Your Mobiles


    Freecharge Going repeatedly to the retailer to get mobiles recharged is sometimes irritating. Well, no need to worry about it now as Freecharge is the platform to not only recharge mobiles but also DTH, 2G, 3G, 4G data plans and to pay other utility bills online. Whether it is electricity bill or insurance EMI, it is […]

  • Kids shopping online

    Where To Do Kids Shopping Online?


    Myntra In the early stage of a baby’s growth cycle, proper attention and carefulness is required by the parents. However, in a time of hectic lifestyles and nuclear families, many times it is not easy to get the time to find appropriate products for the kids. Understanding this anxiety of modern parents, Myntra offers 1-click […]

  • Top 4 Online Brands

    Top 4 Online Brands with a Promising Future In 2018


    Presently, all the major items needed in any household can be purchased online; amidst so many e-commerce websites, competition has fiercely grown. Be it hotel bookings, industry buying or even products associated to well being and wellness can be bought by just tapping some keys. Hence, to know about some of the best brands with […]

  • Dishes from Maharashtra

    Have You Tried These 5 Delicious Dishes From Maharashtra Cuisine?


    India is a country of diverse cultures. In over 30 states of India, there are 15+ different languages, distinctive fashion of clothing and varied cuisines. Regional specialism in various aspects is what makes our country the most special and many people look with awe towards it around the globe. Maharashtra is one of those states […]

  • Best places to see in Kerala

    God’s Own Country- Best 5 Places to See in Kerala


    God’s own country, being the tagline of Kerala tourism campaign promoted by the state government is sure a worthwhile expression of the tranquil milieus of this land. Apart from its spectacular views, it has also become a hub for medical and cultural tourism in India. In 2015, about 1.25 crores home and 9.75 lakh foreign […]

  • Best Power Bank

    Best Power Bank: 5 Essential Features to Consider Before Buying


    Because of technology revolution in last 2 decades, India has witnessed phenomenal growth in the usage and sale of electronic gadgets. Mobiles have turned into a necessity more than a facility for people now. Evolution of smartphones and easy accessibility of internet has added new dimensions in this advancement. For a better connectivity, your devices […]

  • Best Bengali Dishes You Must Try At Least Once


    West Bengal is known for its rich heritage, art, and literature. Kolkata, city of joy is its capital. Of course, you cannot forget the love and enthusiasm for different sports, especially for football in this state and the famous Bengali cuisine. Fish and rice are the 2 most important food of Bengali cuisine. People in […]

  • Most Popular Jeans Brands

    7 Most Popular Jeans Brands in India Among Youth


    Fashion is what trends in the society. Indian buyers have always been keen to follow the latest trends in the market. In the time of globalization, shoppers demand the newest fashion and top brands from around the world. With a large upswing in online shopping in India, getting the premium brands has become much simpler […]

  • types of shoes

    5 Types of Shoes Every Man Should Have In His Closet


    When it comes to styling for men, sans a pair of classy shoes everything looks incomplete. We all know how important it is to have appropriate matching footwear to our clothing, suitable to the occasion. Be it your first romantic appointment or interview for a job or even a social gathering, the type of shoes […]

  • Popular Smartphone Mobile Brands In India


    Smart phones are not a luxury anymore but a necessity. The recent changes in the online world have made an immense impact of the lives of the folks. With finding everyone on Facebook to talking to people or having a video chat on WhatsApp, the invention of mobiles and their huge usage has made this […]

  • Best Automatic Washing Machines Brands in India


      Washing machines have always been a necessity in a house. Remember those days when people used to wash clothes by their own hands? If you do, then you surely know how much work hard, energy and time-consuming that act used to take. But with the advancement in technology in the recent time, the demand […]

  • Best Television Brands In India


    Gone are the days when people used to walk out to the homes of their neighbours to watch television or there used to be a collective screening on any show or movie in the colony or village. These days television has become a major electronic item in Indian houses. Though buying them is bit difficult […]

  • Best Air Conditioner Brands In India


    With changing weather conditions and a lot of heating issues, usage of air conditioners has grown immensely. While searching for the best air conditioner brands there are various things and specifications which a consumer wants to know about the product like the price, cooling effect, warranty and the one which fits into their budget. Although […]

  • Best-Power-banks

    Top 7 Best Power Banks Brands Available Online


    Mobile phones have become a lifeline to most of us. But what if the battery dies? Is there any alternative to constantly keep our phones active without the battery been dying off? Well, there is! The great invention of power banks to the humankind. These power banks are easy to handle and have a capacity […]

  • garuda mall bangalore

    Top Fun Activities & Things To Do In Bangalore


      Bangalore is so much fun! Have you ever heard that from your friends or relatives? If yes, then let us tell you it is as true as the red colour of our blood. There is so much for everyone in this city. And what adds to the whole charm is the way local people […]

  • 8 Must See Weekend Getaway Places Near Bangalore


      Weekend trips help us to rejuvenate and calm down our inner self. And if you are living in Bangalore than a weekend getaway is a must to escape from the daily noise of the city. There are so many places around Bangalore which are perfect for a small sweet trip and are accessible by […]

  • 10 Places To Eat In Bangalore


    Food is like life to many of us. It is something which we live for. The mere word related to food brings an immense pleasure and happiness on our faces. Every one of us has a favourite cuisine out of which we like to order something or the other. So what if we cannot go […]

  • Bangalore-Must-Places-to-Visit

    Top 11 Best Sightseeing Places to Visit in Bangalore


    Welcome to Bangalore, commonly called as the Silicon Valley of the country is famous among the IT officials. The city which is progressing at a steadfast speed with munificent climate and with quirky places to visit is becoming a hot spot destination for the folks forcing them to flock here. Modes Of Transport Air: The […]

  • Big Indian Fat Weddings – Are you Ready?


    Is the sound of wedding bells electrifying your eardrums with the tones of enjoyment and zeal? Having butterflies in your stomach while planning for the big day? Then let me tell you my friends you have stumbled upon at the right place! Indian weddings are a big affair. They are executed with months of planning […]

  • Electronics Bonanza This Diwali


      Diwali, the festival of light is regarded as one of the top festivals of India. The festivity is so much that it is beyond expectations. But the best thing which comes with it is the various sale options. You’ll find every nook and corner whether in physical form or online, promoting and selling stuff […]

  • What will you miss if you don’t shop online this Diwali?


    With every burgeoning year, e-commerce is flourishing more and more and with the increasing popularity of this developing industry comes a lot of ideas, competition, and pressures. Thus, there exists a cut-throat competition in the market as to which one is better and this has further improved the quality of the stores. At the forefront […]

  • 7 Best Places To Escape During This Diwali Holidays in India


    Travelling is the best gift one can offer themselves. This is the kind of therapy in which an individual gets all sorts of positive vibes and emotions and have their mind and body completely refreshed. The best time to travel is during any type of holidays, whether it is a summer break or winter, or […]

  • Top 5 Cab & Taxi Services for Local Travel in India


    Cab services have expanded significantly in the last decade in India. Commuters prefer these taxi services because of the multiple benefits attached with these services. In the Delhi-NCR region or any other metro cities in India, Lakhs of working class people travel from one place to another daily. Though metro trains and bus service is available […]

  • Top 10 mobile phones in India Year 2016-17


      Online shopping of mobiles in India has been escalating tremendously for last couple of years. Around 35% share in total mobiles sales from a market of over 1 Billion mobile subscribers come from eCommerce marketplaces.   Top 3 merchants being in this segment are Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India, combining upto 90% contribution of […]

  • Best Sites for Online Lingerie Shopping in India : 2017-18


        Lingerie shopping is one of the most briskly mounting sectors in India’s apparel market. It is currently valued about Rs 16000 Crore and expected to double itself by 2018. As Indian woman is empowering herself with the time, she is getting more confident and choosy. She now prefers a wider choice and ease […]

  • Have you tried these 5 emerging fashion websites yet?


        Fashion signifies the novelty set, followed and promoted by human beings through their attires and mannerism. The yearning to look fashionable and unique from others has been on the rise among Indian consumers in recent years by dint of easy accessibility to runway styles across borders. Consequently, fashion websites have a large share […]

  • Must follow strategies for Startups

    Must Follow Strategies for Startups to Succeed


    India is fast becoming a hub for startups and they have been in limelight at all major podiums. In last couple of years, we have seen many new firms entering in the industry and competing with established brands. From 2010 to 2016, startups have gained around $18 billion as investments from different sources. 5.7% of […]

  • Online Jewellery Shopping Sites

    Top 5 Online Jewellery Websites in India


      In India, jewellery shopping is associated with various beliefs, customs and traditions. People purchase gold and other precious jewels for different reasons. Currently, India’s online jewellery market is over $200 billion and likely to expand an average rate of 65-70% per year. Gold adornments are the all-time favorite among Indian buyers with around 75% […]

  • gift ideas for fathers day

    Gift Ideas for Father’s Day – He Deserves It!


      “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection” – Sigmund Freud We all know that father is one such person in our lives, who takes care of all our needs and wants. Without telling him most of the times, he understands what we actually require.Hard […]

  • Top Sites for Mobile Phones in India

    Top 7 Best Mobile Phone Shopping Sites in India


    With a steep surge in the online mobile phone shopping trend in India, plenty of e-marketplaces have become very popular among shoppers. Recently India has become 2nd largest market for smart phones with 220 million users after China, leaving US at number 3 in the race. When it comes to purchasing mobiles online, customers always […]

  • Bus Tickets Booking Online: A Clear Guide


    Standing in a queue for getting the bus tickets is the matter of old days. Now, from your daily groceries to smartphone, medicines to books, everything can be bought or booked online. India’s booming e commerce industry can be easily classified in two sections, one is retail and other is the travels. In travels segment, booking […]

  • ewallets

    Top E-Wallet Service Providers in India


    Online shopping business is reaching new heights every day because of multiple benefits attached with this platform. You can save a lot of your precious time, efforts and your hard-earned money using this medium for your shopping. To ease your online buying experience further and to provide you additional monetary benefits, ewallets or mobile wallets […]

  • Heels Thumbnail

    Tips to Buy Fashion Items for Girls


    It is always a difficult task to decide what to buy to look fashionable and trendy. Specially, when it comes to choose fashion accessories for girls, the problem gets bigger. To help you fix this problem, we provide you a complete guide to get you a makeover and make you look different among your friends […]

  • gifts Thumbnail

    Buying Gifts Online – Remember These Points


    Online shopping came with numbers of benefits attached with it, whether it is to receiving extra discounts, save time or less efforts. One more advantage of buying online is that we can buy gifts for others and get those delivered to them on their special occasion to give them a sweet surprise. To congratulate, to […]

  • Best Android smartphones Thumbnail1

    Best Android Mobile phones in the Range of 5K-8K


    Revolution in the technology industry in last two decades has influenced our lives in a significant amount. Smartphones have now become a necessity more than a facility in today’s life. Considering the customers’ varied needs and huge growth prospects in this sector, many established and new companies have come up with a wide range of […]

  • Web hosting thumbnail

    Best Web Hosting Provider Companies in India


    Since the reach of internet is rising tremendously in India, the services relevant to it are also going places. E-commerce industry is on a rising spree for last few years. Businesses are going online and customers are shopping now with the help of their phone. To optimize their profits and to reach the maximum customers, […]

  • Grocery Sites

    Best Grocery Websites for Groceries Shopping in India


    Online shopping in India was about buying books, branded wears, latest gadgets and some useful personal and home care products initially. However, people avoid buying groceries online because of their perishable nature. However, now even products like fruits and vegetables are offered for purchasing online by multiple grocery websites, thanks to their excellent packaging and […]

  • Online Medicines Thumbnail

    What to Check Before Buying Medicines and Health Products Online


    Shopping everything online has become a trend among people. Medicines are also being bought on internet these days by a large number of customers as people can save their time and energy. Prices offered are also lower often on these online stores because these stores directly deal with the customers. There are plenty of online […]

  • Fabfurnish Thumbnail

    Best Online Furniture & Home Decoration Websites


    These days shopping online is very popular. People find it cool to order their wanted products sitting at home and receive those products without much effort. There are many sites offering a wide range of decorative and furniture products. Some of those very popular sites with some exciting offers are here: Pepperfry It is a […]

  • thailand- popular tourist place for Indian

    8 Most Visited Top Overseas Holiday Destinations by Indian Tourists


    In this era of globalization, going from one end to the other of the globe for multiple purposes has become easy. Indians are also travelling to the various places of the world more often now. Some tourists travel for their work and some just for pleasure. However, some places are always their preferred choices rather […]

  • Cashback Offer- small

    Online Shopping Techniques to Get Extra Discount and Cashback


    It is the era of internet and World Wide Web. Moreover, shopping on internet is a very good platform for people to save their time, energy and money. Everyone likes to get as much benefit as possible through this medium by shopping online. All the e-commerce companies,whether some giants like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal or […]

  • Top Online Shopping, Hotel, Flights, Gifts, Flowers, Grocery, Mobile Recharge Offers for the Week of 18-January-2016.


    1Mg Medicine Shop online medicines at for OTC and prescription items. Flat 25% discount is offered by the company for orders above Rs.2000. Validity till 20-Jan 2016. Askmebazaar For men and women grooming appliances, Askmebazaar has come up with this special offer this week on hair dryers, straighter, shavers, trimmers etc. Get additional 20% […]

  • Baby Dress Up Ideas For Cute Looks


    Babies are the cutest creature god has ever made. No matter they wear and whatsoever they do, they simply look adorable. But nowadays no baby is less than a fashionara. From the moment baby is born with a gifted first cry, parents specifically take care of how their baby is looking. There dresses also vary […]

  • What to Check Before Buying Mobile Phone


      It’s an Era of Smartphone from students to professional all kind of people prefer the multitasking devices to traditional mobiles. Earlier phones are meant to be for only calling and sending messages purpose, but now the myth is out-dated as people wants to do more with their Cell phones other than just dialling numbers […]

  • Top 5 Best Bus Booking Websites for Travel in India


      Redbus RedBus was started in India in the year 2005 and after 10 years in the industry it is the leader in the online bus booking segment. It has partnered with 1800 bus operators which is the largest in India for any bus travel company. It operates across 6700 routes covering, most popular among which […]

  • A Layman’s Guide to Online Shopping: Why to Move on to Online Shopping


    Its twenty first century, technology has evolved like never before and E Shopping has been one of great blessings of this evolution of technology.  Now a day most of the internet-savvy people have made the shopping more easily by moving into the Online Shopping Systems. If you are still having doubt for this movement or […]

  • Where to Shop Baby Products on Internet


      It’s the time when everyone is very time conservative and moving towards an efficient way of buying things online and saving time and money. Well this action is no different in the scenario of baby related items like Carriers,Diapers,and Baby Care Shops etc. It’s a very well decision to get those necessary items on […]

  • Most Popular Online Food Facilities and Their Exclusive Speciality


    “Good Food Makes Great Minds “ – as the proverb says , we all quest for quality dishes at a point of time having a break from our normal eating style and getting a great lunch or dinner in a specific time. Well for most of the people it remains an unfulfilled dream for most […]

  • Top 10 India’s Cheapest Yet Beautiful Travel Destinations


    Everyone has a dream of having a break from regular life and enjoy travelling the most exotic places but sometimes the time and most importantly money doesn’t allow us. But it’s very important to find a place that’s in your budget and you can finish a tour within small time as everyone is busy with […]

  • How to Buy a Nice Pair of Headphone


    When Music matters a lot to you, you should not sacrifice anything while buying a headphone. But most of us do not know how to pick up a great headphone, knowing fully well that a quality headphone can lead you to a whole another level of listening songs. One must not for a pair for […]

  • Best 5 Online Medicine Websites In India


    While every possible purchase has been moved to online, people are not hesitating to trust online services for their personal care and medical needs. Though It is still not so much popular as the commodity buying scheme over the internet, it can be predicted that this scenario will change and there will be a substantial […]

  • How to Plan a Great Vacation by just using the Internet


    Bored from busy life want some recreation, Want to spend holidays in a great place, but not sure how to plan? Well if you have Internet let it do the work for you .Unlike traditional travel planning using Internet to plan a tour can save a lots of time .So here I am going to […]

  • Top 10 Coupons and Offers for Tuesday 29th Sep


    1. Koovs offer i. Description: Shop from latest trend from Rs. 595 for women ii. Coupon Code: no coupon required iii. Coupon Validity: 30-09- 2015 2. foodpanda coupon i. Description: 30% off (Maximum discount Rs.150) ii. Coupon Code: CLSEPT iii. Coupon Validity: 30-09- 2015   3. oyo couponcode i. Description: Flat 30% off for GOA […]

  • Latest Bus, Flight & Hotel Discount Coupons India: 25-Sep-2015


    1. Expedia upto 50% Off promocode code i. Description: Get additional up to 50% off on your Big Travel plans. ii. Coupon Code: EXPEDIABIGSALE iii. Coupon Validity: 30th Sep 2015 2. Paytm Bus promo code i. Description: Get Rs 200 Cash back on Bus ticket bookings of Rs 400 and above. T&C : Maximum cashback […]

  • Top 10 Coupons and Offers for Friday 25-Sep-2015

    1. Domino Pizza Coupon i. Description: Buy 1 Pizza Get 1 Pizza Free ii. Coupon Code: MOBO6: iii. Coupon Validity: 25-09-2015   2. Rs 199 Pepperfry Coupon i. Description: Rs.199 off on Rs.599 & above Site wide. T&C : Applicable for new users only.Offer applicable once per user .Offer Valid for first 1000 orders only […]

  • Top 10 Coupons and Offers for Thursday 24-September-2015


    1. Travelguru India hotel coupon i. Description: HAPPY HOUR SALE – Flat 25% Off on domestic hotels ii. Coupon Code: HAPPY25 iii. Coupon Validity: 24-09-2015        2. Coupon for Food Panda i. Description: Bangalore Bonanza – Additional 20% OFF over 30% OFF ii. Coupon Code: OMSEPT iii. Coupon Validity: 30-09-2015 3. Infibeam Combo […]

  • Top 10 Coupons and Offers for Tuesday 22-Sep-2015


    1. Ask me coupon i. Description: Rs. 299 off on order Rs. 999. T&C : Max discount of Rs.299 ii. Coupon Code: Sep299 iii. Coupon Validity: 23rd Sep 2015 2. American Swan coupon i. Description: Upto 70% off on No Minimum Cart Value. T&C : Valid only on Men Category ii. Coupon Code: no coupon required iii. […]

  • Evergreen Fashion Trends for Men


      People who think fashion is a girl’s thing seems mistaken with the upcoming fashion line of trends for men. Every minute part is fashioned like for say hairs. The normal braided hairs to new fashion of haircuts, hair styles, hair colors on have wisely depicted the upcoming fashion trends for men. Splash of some […]

  • Top Shopping Discount Coupons & Offers for September’s 1st Weekend


    Hello Friends! Greetings! I am pleased to present you our handpicked list of top coupons and offers for this week. Please visit the respective store coupons pages on MyCouponPrmotion to check details and other available available discount codes for mobile recharge, travel, food, flights, fashion, electronics, baby needs and many more. Domestic Flights  […]



      Men are regular visitors of beauty salon these days on par with that of women. With unisex salon all over cities, men do not need to worry about their outlooks. Women and men almost have same types of services from facial, hair massage and spa, pedicure and manicure etc except few which are specially […]



    A raised eyebrow and a look at me attitude, is all what palazzo gives a women. With palazzo pants doing the rounds these days, this fad has been listed one of the top casual and college wear among young women. Palazzos are racked top among apparels in showrooms these days and it has been a […]

  • Buying health supplements and medicines online? Take precautions!


    With increasing health awareness among the people, online health supplement market is rapidly growing across the world including India. Some of the popular supplements taken are: Calcium, Omega 3 fish oil capsules, Protein supplements, weight loss supplements, multivitamin tablets etc. Buying these non prescription medicines over the internet tends to be very attractive given the […]